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This is a friendly place... in cyberspace for floaty pen collectors. Float About offers a selection of over 400+ Eskesen float pens, a free online newsletter, links to collectors, traders, designers and distributors. If you are interested in float pens, or perhaps just curious, read on--it's a trip!

What is a Float Pen? Basically, it's a writing instrument that has something floating inside a clear window. Traditionally, it's a photographic image or object(s). They are commonly referred to as float or tilt pens, or, fondly, as floaty pens. Eskesen, the world's largest producer of float pens, calls them Floating Action Pens. Skim the definitions' page to become familiar with float pen anatomy and terminology.

Float Pens for Sale List... Pens on my list sell on average $3.50-$8. I maintain an extensive list of Eskesen float pens for sale. The list is divided into categories for ease of navigation. Check the Order Info page for prices, shipping charges, and reservation terms.

Float Pen Collectors... If you happen to collect this item, you are one of many collectors worldwide. I share your affection for this simple, yet amazingly artistic, souvenir pen. Yes, I must confess, my passion borders on obsession. However, I consider myself selective. Eskesen of Denmark perfected the float pen in 1946, and it is their product that I seek first and foremost. Despite the flood of Chinese and Italian copycats, Eskesen products continue to reign supreme. Meet collectors, designers and distributors on the Collectors Unite Page.

Extra, Extra, Read all about it... Novice, avid, or casual pen collectors will enjoy the newsletter. It is published 2-3 times per year, at whim, and usually accompanied by an updated pen list. Back issues of Float About 1-78 contain a wealth of float pen information and answers to FAQ's. Print them for your own personal use and reference. The current newsletter, Issue #79 of Float About posted on Thur/Feb 18, 2016. Issue #80 should post by mid-May. Rely on Float Along for continuous updates.

It is our hope that you will enjoy our sites and bookmark them so that you may visit often.
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