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a bi-monthly newsletter dedicated to Eskesen floaty pen collectors

Let me begin with an apology... for posting extremely late. I realize this issue was due to release mid-July. Bill and I had a hectic summer. We enjoyed a successful art show season. We were not sure how the economy and high gas prices would effect our shows. Artists selling high ticket items had it really rough.

crochet hooks & weedpots

It isn't an accident that Bill and I both make affordable and functional items. At our booth it's all about the wooden crochet hooks, knitting needles, weedpots and my bracelets. Such items sell in any economic climate, but we credit our success to our loyal customers. After 37 years, they continue to appreciate our products. For me, juggling shows and pen biz has been challenging. With the 2008 show season behind me, I can return to floaty pens and taking care of my collectors. It's a relief. After a few weeks of recovery I found myself refreshed and ready to tackle issue #61. You have been waiting so long, I won't keep you another moment.

Follow-up to Issue #60...
The last issue of the newsletter... opened with Pens Out and About. A pen report from UK collector, Graham Jacobs, jump-started the column. Graham had recently been to Hong Kong and shared specific locations where collectors would find floaty pens. He travels a great deal and has always been generous and quick to share his information. I heard from Graham again on June 2nd. This time he was preparing for a trip to the USA. “From June 14th for 2 weeks I will be touring the Northwest USA from Denver to Mt. Rushmore, Yellowstone, Mt. St. Helens, Portland, Salt Lake City and various places in between. I hope to find lots of pens. The USA is a happy hunting ground for me.” I promised to contact Graham before I published this issue.

I was devastated when I received this email on September 16th. “My name is Glyn. I am not a floaty pen collector however I am a close friend of Graham Jacobs who has a piece in your latest newsletter. Sadly Graham passed away suddenly on September 3rd, 2008 and I was hoping you could put something in your next newsletter. I know he communicated with many people regarding the pens and unfortunately I have not been able to contact them. Graham's funeral will be held on Friday, September 19th. He was 47 years old.”

On Sept 23rd I received an update from Glyn. “We had Graham's funeral on Friday and it was a truly wonderful occasion. The whole day was superb and a fitting tribute to Graham who was a wonderful person. As a tribute to Graham we had a book of condolance which we made everyone sign using one of Grahams floaty pens. We also made sure that his collection of pens was mentioned in the tribute speech read out at his service.”

I promised Glyn I would let everyone know. When Graham traveled he was dedicated to the floaty hunt. When the search failed he would pick-up some silly non-floaty that he found amusing or amazing and send it my way. I am going to miss Graham. The floaty community will too.

The estimated time of arrival for the Magic Flute floaty... from Operagraphics, was September. What a super surprise when the Magic Flute pen appeared in my mailbox on August 11th. Regina always sends a sample of her latest design my way. With permission, I used Regina's pen scan.

The pen is an Eskesen twist and click with a chrome clip in digital imagery. Visit http://www.operagraphics.com/Penmagicflute.php to see the pen in action. Order your Magic Flute pen directly from Operagraphics today. It is a fine design and will be a nice addition to your opera category.

Regina and family vacationed... in Rome this past spring. “The floaty action was kind of a disappointment.” On Regina's first visit to Rome she purchased two Eskesen floaty pens. One featured the Swiss Guard outside St. Peter's. The second design had a horse-drawn carriage driving right through the Trevi fountain. “Anyway, I didn't see any other floaties on this trip! Where are the charioteers in the Circus Maximus? Gladiators in the Coloseum? Michaelangelo painting the ceiling?”

Excellent questions, but I am without answers. For the last two years or more, collectors have reported Italian-made floaty pens dominate the market. Whether Regina is in Rome or home, her absolute favorite Roma pen is still the Pope John Paul II ascending over the Vatican. It was a 2005 design by Floaty Industries. A design known and treasured by collectors everywhere.

California collector Craig Wilson ... and wife, Terri vacationed in D.C. over Easter. In the last issue, several of the designs they discovered were featured. Craig still has a few DC pens for trade. A couple of months later, the couple made their way East. Craig has a bounty of summer finds for trade. Visit his website.

Oak Display

Six of the wooden displays... featured in the last issue are still available.

There are five terraced units and one long oak unit (shown). The displays were custom-made in a variety of hardwoods. Mary has lowered the price to $400 (plus shipping), for the entire lot of six. She is also open to negotiation. Refer to Issue #60 for full details about these cool floaty pen displays. Mary Alton alton003@umn.edu in St. Paul, MN will answer any questions you may have.

In the last issue of Float About... Victoria B reported catching a glimpse of a floaty pen in an episode of Bones. Victoria had this to add, “While catching up on the last two Bones episodes for the season, I saw another floaty pen in the Booth character's hand. It was just a glimpse again, but it was a classic black, with enough of a window showing that I could recognize the style. They have subtly made floaty pens a part of his character.”

That is very encouraging news. Just goes to show you never know where a floaty will pop-up. Victoria reminds me you don't have to wait for reruns of Bones. You can catch episodes on the Fox Network. Thank you for reporting the sighting Victoria. We will be watching.

Australian Collector Susan Baker... is a TV star. In March a crew from an Aussie TV show called Collectors visited Susan at home. They were interested in her floaty pen collection. The show aired on June 20th. I received her DVD late in September. I was so excited. Bill and I settled into the living room about 1:30am to watch the show. We were both impressed. Susan did a fantastic job. She introduced her pens with pride and a wicked twist of wit. I was so proud of her presentation. Thumbs up all the way!

Susan taped the entire show. We savored every moment. The approach was not at all like collectors shows that have been produced here in the States. Now for more good news. I asked Susan if she would be willing to share her TV debut DVD with other collectors. “I will gladly send copies to anyone who wants one, but I can't ask them for money. However, a couple of pens in exchange would be good. I was told by the programme last week that they are putting out their first ever compilation dvd in time for Christmas and I will be included in it! I expect to be offered my own tv show any day now...” Susan is being funny, but I think she could pull it off.

You can arrange your trade directly with Susan via email shotover66@yahoo.com. Support our sister from down under and get your DVD today. This is an opportunity to own a little piece of floaty pen history. Be generous, I assume Susan has to pay more to ship to the USA than we do to send a package to Australia. Europe's postage is likely comparable to Susan's.

I feel terrible about... this oversight. In April, James Lamoureaux shared a source for this DoubleFine floaty. His info got lost in the shuffle. I have this pen in my personal collection, but I didn't have a clue what the company is all about. The brief company history, included on their website, revealed they develop video games. Thanks for the source James! (Sorry, pen is long gone; Link removed June 2015.)

The night of May 19th... I sent emails to everyone on my list to notify them that the newsletter had posted. At least 50 emails were returned to me marked 'Refused'. Many of the 50 were people I communicate with on a regular basis. Everyone on my list is there by request. If you have a spam blocker, be sure to open your doors to emails from FloatAbout.com, or I can not reach you.

While we are on the topic of computers.... May 27th I awoke to a bomb in my inbox. Float About had been spoofed overnight. When you send an email out, for any number of reasons, sometimes it bounces back. Tuesday morning I awoke to 2600+ bounce-backs. The only problem... I didn't send emails to any of the people listed. Someone borrowed my email address to send spam to thousands upon thousands of people. Sadly this practice is becoming way too popular. If you want to spread viruses, share links to porn and other such nonsense, why use your own email?! Just use someone else's. Float About had been severely used and abused.

Before I could begin to delete the first 2600, another 1549 flooded in. I contacted my email server and asked them to delete everything contained in my inbox. I also asked what I could do to prevent this from happening again. Since the mail was not sent through my email server, there isn't anything my server can do about it. They explained there isn't anything I can do about it either. Spammers scan the Internet in seach of addresses to use. They like dot.com addresses because they lend a degree of legitimacy to their project. Because my email address is prominently displayed on my website... I am an easy target. If you have had a similar experience, or you have a positive solution... I am all ears.

And with that it's time to move beyond... following-up since the last issue and get on with everything that has happened over the last four months. For many, it was a busy and productive summer. Read on.

Media Sightings...
If you haven't seen... Debbie Carriere's float pen movie on (Sorry, video has since been blocked; Link removed June 2015.) The movie is entitled Floaty Penthon. There is a short intro before the main feature begins. The clip is getting rave reviews among floaty fans.

Raise a brow... and sing along with Regina Merwin's floaty pen opera performances on www.YouTube.com. Regi187 has directed five floaty operas complete with music and motion. The link will take you to video list. And some people believe the floaty pen is just an unsophisticated novelty. Regina proves otherwise. Visit Operagraphics.com to purchase a full line of opera-themed floaty pens.

This may not be a traditional floaty pen... media sighting, but very exciting. This report features a collector-in-the-media.

If you caught the June 8th Celtic-Lakers game, you probably heard or even saw Boston collector, Douglas Yeo. Doug and colleagues from the Boston Pops brass section, played the national anthem at the Celtics-Lakers game. “What a thrill, and to see the Celtics win as well. Life is good!”

Doug is the trombone player far right. I don't follow basketball, but I got goosebumps just thinking about it. I am sure the crowd responded the same way when they heard the national anthem. I am so glad Doug shared his news. If he hadn't mentioned it, how would we know?

August 1st Craig Wilson emailed... to ask if anyone had told me about the latest floaty pen media sighting yet? He was the first to hear it. It wasn't actually a sighting, but rather the spoken word.

“Last night on NBC's summer show, Last Comic Standing, one of the comics, Iliza Shlesinger, did a routine about her boss looking for her pen.” It was captured on MySpace. Be aware, first there will be a brief commercial followed by Iliza's performance. She mentions a float pen about three minutes into her schtick. http://vids.myspace.com/index.cfm. Thanks for the notice Craig. I would have overlooked this one for sure.

August 17th Beverly Broadstone also had an unusual... pen sighting. “The stripper pen always seems to gain the most attention, and it has so again in an award winning novel that made it on Time Magazine's 100 Best Novels list. The book is Watchmen by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons. It is the winner of the Hugo Award.”

Beverly's husband, George made the discovery. He brought it to Beverly's attention. The narrator is speaking about his father's employer, an auto shop owner. Beverly forwarded this excerpt: “The other thing that was peculiar about Moe was his sense of humor, as represented by all the stuff he used to keep in the top right side drawer of his desk. In that drawer, amongst a mess of rubber bands and paper clips and receipts and stuff, Moe had one of the largest collections of tasteless novelty items that I had seen up until that point or have seen at any time since. They were all risque little toys and gadgets that Moe had picked up from gag shops or on visits to Coney Island, but it was the sheer range of them that was overwhelming: every cheap blue gimmick that you can remember your dad bringing home when he'd been out drinking with the boys and embarrassing your mom with; every ballpoint pen with a girl on the side whose swimsuit vanished when you turned it upside down..........” Very colorful imagery. I would have been surprised and disappointed if that drawer didn't include a few tip n strips. Thanks for paying attention George and Beverly B.

Pens Out and About...
Reports of float pen finds... have been stacking up for months. Yes, I realize this information is time sensitive. That is why many of these were posted upon receipt in Float Along. A few of them are new listings. For those that were so kind to share their sources and finds, we thank you.

On May 28, Victoria B reported finding a few treasures... during her spring travels. “Ruby's Inn at Bryce Canyon, Utah has a redesigned (presumably digital) version of their classic pen with a rider (probably founder Reuben ‘Ruby’ Syrett) and his mule train floating in front of some Bryce Canyon formations. I am curious about the large black dog that is the foreground object. (Maybe he was a member of the family...) They have a lot of the pens in stock. Bryce Canyon itself was as glorious as I remembered, as was Zion, and every other part of the red rock country we visited. At least we made it back home before the storms hit the region.”

“The Hudson News store in McCarran Airport in Las Vegas yielded a classic-style vertical with a showgirl floating down behind anotherstationary foreground one. They didn't have a large supply, and they had none of the floating poker chip pens I bought there last November. They must sell pretty quickly.” Thanks for the information Victoria. I am sure there are members of the community that will put it to good use.

Christina Pleva shared an International... floaty status quo back in July. “I had the fortune of being able to travel with my husband to Northern Italy and Germany in April and found pens in Freiburg, the Black Forest, and also some new Twist & Clicks from Neuschwanstein. I also picked up some new digital classic style pens while passing through London Heathrow. They have the London Eye (Ferris Wheel) in the foreground. Nothing to be found in Italy, though.”

Alicia Delahunty celebrated her 25th... wedding anniversary in the United Kingdom. Alicia was happy to find an old photoramic standard at Oxford and two new digital designs.

The Oxford pen features a student on a bicycle in front of the school.
It was on my list until about a year ago. Good to know a few photoramics still out there.

Dorothy Bater, a UK resident... was excited by this amazing discovery. “I have just bought some really excellent classic floaty pens. I got them from Alice's Shop in Oxford, England. There are two different designs, one each for Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass.” When Dorothy purchased her Alice pens, they were photoramics. The shop has restocked both designs in the digital format (as pictured). (Sorry, pens sold out long ago; link removed June 2015.)

Doug Yeo travels for business and pleasure... throughout the spring and summer months. In between practicing and performing with the Boston Symphony Orchestra, Doug and his wife, Pat, try to visit as many museums and attractions as possible. Doug keeps me up-to-date via email as they unearth treasure. His 2008 floaty report began in May and continued through August 11th. “I'm working a lot at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, doing research in their musical instrument collection for an article I'm writing about serpents in Boston (the instrument, not the reptile!).”

“I was in the gift shop today (05/23) and found a floaty pen from a 2006 exhibition called, Americans in Paris. The pen shows a couple walking along the Seine in Paris. They are $2.99 at the MFA shop.”

This link will take you directly to information and history of the exhibit. You will also find links to the Museum and Gift shop. (Sorry, page and pen no longer available; Links removed June 2015.)

Doug continues... “We went to Bermuda for a week last month for a very restful vacation and fabulous sunsets. Alas, I did not see a single floaty pen on the whole island, a big change since the last time we were there five years ago. This was our 10th trip to Bermuda and I have a nice collection of Bermuda pens. Apparently floaty pens are not on the Bermuda radar any more - they must have all gone into the Bermuda triangle!”

Doug's July 5th email revealed.. “digitals are popping up everywhere. This afternoon, we had some friends from Boston visiting and because it is a rainy day, we went for an inside activity, visiting the Norman Rockwell Museum in Stockbridge, MA. The shop had a C-top floaty, digital, of Rockwell's famous painting of Main Street, Stockbridge. They retail for $3.00 but are not available on the Museum website.” You can contact the Rockwell Museum giftshop http://store.nrm.org/feedback.htm. I bet shipping could be arranged.

Just a few weeks later... Doug made another museum discovery. “Our travels today, a day of thunderstorms, took us inside to the Berkshire Museum, in Pittsfield, MA. It is a small museum, built in 1903, and a bit of a throwback to old style museums of long ago. We spent an enjoyable two hours there.”

“In their gift shop they had a floaty pen, classic, digital. It's not very elegant, but it features a floating Stegosaurus - like the huge model of a Stego outside of the museum.”

The pen sells for $3.50. Once again, it does not appear in the Museum's online catalog, but you can contact them directly at www.berkshiremuseum.org.

August 9th Doug and Pat... begin the final phase of their summer journey. “We left our summer festival, Tanglewood, last week first for NYC (where we took in the Turner exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art), then to PA to visit my Pat's parents. Next stop, Canton, OH, for a pilgrimage to the Pro Football Hall of Fame. After a great time at the Hall of Fame, we wandered to the President Wm McKinley Library & Museum. What a nice surprise it was to find a display of photoramic floaty pens”.

“Imagine my surprise when I went to the checkout counter (with pens in hand) and struck up a conversation with the clerk, Cindy Sober. We had a nice chat and I let her know about the change from photoramic to digital, etc. A nice, serendipitous meeting”.

Cindy is certainly a crafty marketeer. Her sign is educational and full of information. Of course the challenge to beat Miranda's numbers is sheer genious. I wonder. Did anyone take the challenge to heart?

By August 10th Doug and Pat were winding down... and ready to head for home, but first, “We are now in Niagara Falls. I have plenty of NF pens from a family vacation here about 15 years ago, but I picked up a couple of pens (both digitals) on the Canadian side, including one from the Skylon Tower (with the revolving restaurant on top) and another with American and Canadian flags - the Maid of the Mist IV floats. We head home on Tuesday, but I'd say this was a nice trip for pens. It's been a good summer of hunting!” Thank you for the continued updates. It's very encouraging news for collectors everywhere.

Tone Helen Hanken, of Norway... submitted this news on August 17th. As reported in Float Along, the Norwegian collectors group has a member that came from Swaziland. The collector and his wife are dedicated to an important cause. They help orphaned African children that have lost their parents to AIDS. The couple supports an organization that has built a school for the children. Now other members of the pen club are getting involved. Eight members of the group donated money to have a floaty pen created as a fund raiser. All funds collected will be donated to the organization. If this project is successful, it's possible the group will generate a second pen.

The art window features a picture of the club, the school, students and the organization's logo. All eight collectors responsible for the pen are pictured on the caption panel.

I purchased 15 pens for $15 each. That is exactly what I am charging, plus my standard shipping charges. 11 remain. You may reserve/purchase one now. If they sell out and there are enough requests to warrant a reorder, I will. I am pleased to be a small part of this positive and uplifting project. You can also obtain this pen directly from Tone. Contact her via email tohanken@online.no.

James Lamoureux discovered two Presidential... designs at the Bush Library and Museum last spring. One design is still available. This twist n click features Air Force I in flight over the Whitehouse. This photoramic sells for $3.75/pen. Unfortunately their minimum shipping charge is $9.99. That covers orders ranging from .01-$50. You will not find this item on their website. This pen will NOT be on my list. Call the Museum shop at 979/862-2874 to place your order.

Diane Hansen of Metropolitan Glass... had a custom float pen created to promote her business. If it looks familiar, it was a staple on my main list years ago. Nancy Nerenberg, at FloatArt, is responsible for this fab design. The pen features Diane running hot glass in/out of the furnace.

Diane has a few floaties in inventory and she would be interested in trading for the right pens. If you have something exciting to offer, contact Diane directly. (Pens presumed gone; email address removed June 2015.)

Collectors News...
If you have experienced difficulty... trying to reach Miranda Wittebol, it's because she has changed her website and email addresses. Update your files. Miranda's Floaty World has relocated to http://home.kpn.nl/mwittebol1970. Her new email is: mwittebol1970@kpnmail.nl.

The Dutch pen collectors... held their annual meeting in Barneveld, Holland the weekend of June 1st. As you can see, the event was well attended.

I should clarify that this club, like the group in Norway, represents collectors of all types of pens. Both groups include a number of floaty devotees. Dutch collector, Miranda Wittebol and Finn Sørensen, from Denmark, were among them at the 2008 conference. They both provided photos.

The Dutch group, established in 1993, celebrated their 15th anniversary. Miranda, from Holland, is responsible for the 2008 custom floaty design. The Eskesen pen features little mice carrying float pens over a row of different types of pens. The stylish C-Clip was chosen to wrap it all up.

Miranda takes a few moments to relax at her display table. The majority of her neatly organized collection is composed of float pens. Miranda has the 2008 Dutch pen for trade. You can reach her via email mwittebol1970@kpnmail.nl.

Visit Finn's website to see his coverage of the event www.pencollector.dk.

The Norwegian Pen Collectors club... held their annual meeting the weekend of September 13th. The Board has decided the fate of the remaining floaty pens from their 10th annual meeting. If you would like to obtain one of the custom made float pens created to commemorate the 10th Anniversary of the Norwegian Pen Collectors... you may! Propose a trade or purchase a pen for $9 (plus $5 s/h), directly from Tone Hanken Helen tonhanken@online.no. (2008 photos provided by Tone)

Many items were offered for auction with the profits going to the group. The beautiful clear display full of fabulous floaty pens sold for a whopping $531.

The buyer was generous with his bid. He wanted to reward the group for their efforts on behalf of the membership. Winning the item was the icing on the cake.

Fifty three members attended the meeting. Every member snapped to attention when the auction began. Tone was quick to admit she was not the lucky winner of the display full of pens. (I checked with Eskesen to see if the displays are available. “Sorry, no.”)

In between meetings, auctions and meals, plenty of time was set aside for members to arrange trades. Collectors stroll from table to table examining pens of all kinds. While there are many floaty fans in the club, overall this group collects pens, not neccesarily floaty pens.

To save on postage, obviously it would be wise to order the Swaziland and 10th Anniversary pen at the same time. Save even more by teaming up with other collectors. For those arranging a trade, Tone has a nice list of Eskesen pens to barter. Just a few weeks ago she traveled to Barcelona, Spain. Tone didn't find any E pens on her journey, but she picked up a few VA floaty pens, manufactured in Italy. She bought a few duplicates to share. Thanks to Tone for sharing her pix and providing details. For now the committee rests, but September 10, 2009 they will do it all again.

Amazing eBay Stories...
Back in May, Nicole from Pennsylvania... inquired about an item she purchased on eBay. “I recently bought a floaty letter opener with an Esso character. The curious thing is that the opener is only about 5.5 inches long (shorter than a pen) and much shorter than the other openers I've seen. Are you familiar with this type of letter opener? It's the most I've ever spent for a single floaty ($31.50), but I thought it was so cute. The window is about the same size as a short-window pen or a clicker pen. Next to my full-sized opener, the proportions are about the same, so it looks like a younger sibling. The blade is clear plastic and like the rest of the item, has definitely been used. The window is bubble-free. Very lightly imprinted on the outside is the name and telephone number of a garage. I needed a magnifying glass to make out the letters.”

Nicole, I have never seen anything quite like it. What I find most curious is the way the blade is joined to the floaty component. Over the decades, Eskesen has used many different linking methods. The joinery combined with the shortness of the piece make this letter opener unique. Are there any collectors that have a similar opener? I know I don't!

The sky is the limit... for rare floaty pens on eBay. For months the kingdom of eBay has been under the tight reigns of Quilland and Finn-pen. Once in awhile a newcomber will make a play and win. It certaintly keeps things interesting. For those of you keeping score, for the moment, Quilland holds the title for the highest bid! My auctions still begin and end on Wednesdays. In addition to duplicates, I am currently selling many pens from my personal collection.

I am fortunate to have pens that are rare and extremely desireable. Since Float About began, my distributors have been kind to me. They have always supported my efforts and rewarded me with pens. Micale Maddox with FloatPens.com, Lupita Vargas at Topline Products, Doug Miller with Charles Products and Nancy Nerenberg at FloatArt, Mitsuhiro Nagamora at Retrobank in Japan have all been generous with samples and close-outs. When Brian Hollier worked at Eskesen, he made sure that I received a surprise package at least once a year. In addition to my distributors, I also traded for thousands of pens. So it's really no wonder that over a 14 year period, I have amassed such a spectacular collection of floaty pens.

Parting with my pens has become a matter of neccesity rather than choice. Being self-employed has never been this difficult. In 2000, my health insurance was $181.57/month with a $500 deductible for 80/20 coverage. Today, just 8 years later, it is $1,060/month with a $1,000 deductible and reduced benefits. My coverage does NOT include routine physical exams, any dental or eye care. Due to my medical/family history there isn't another insurance company that will take me on. If I drop this company, even for a month or two, they will not take me back. Since Bill and I have always maintained our incomes and expenses separately, I am truly on my own financially. My premium jumps about 20% every July. Whether it's a few months or a year from now, I near a time when I will be forced to join the millions of uninsured Americans, also referred to as deadbeats.

Forgive my whining, but I speak for many. Millions are caught in the same web, many trying to support families. You might even be one of them. I consider myself lucky. This year my eBay sales have provided me with the income I need to keep up with my personal/business expenses and my health insurance. If selling my pens is what it takes, then I will do so. I could be sad, but I choose to be happy that my pens are going to people that will appreciate them. Of course I will hang on to some of my absolute favorites. Thanks for listening. I just wanted to thank you all for your support. Now more than ever before, my collectors are keeping Float About (me) afloat.

Pens Past, Present and Future...
As predicted, photoramic floaty pens... have all but disappeared from souvenir stands everywhere. Eskesen switched from photoramic to digital imagery in 2006, just two short years ago. Today, finding a traditional photoramic is a rare and exciting event. Collectors are hungry for photoramics.

To feed that hunger, I promised to post duplicates in between newsletters and I did! Nearly 200 pens were posted in groups or mixed into the Main List since issue #60 posted. The impromptu postings were not announced. Collectors that were paying attention were delighted to discover the pens. Most of them have sold. By mid-August I ran out of steam and time. We were deep into show season and I had to keep my eyes and hands on production. I was sure I would get back to scanning more duplicates by now. I say this with frustration, I just don't bounce back like I used to. Show season wore me out.

I think this is the first time I have ever released a Float About with ONE New Arrival and zero duplicates. That's right. The Swaziland pen is the only entry in New Arrivals and it won't be around for long. Oh believe me, I heard that collective gasp. How could this happen?!?! I am sorry, but I just couldn't find anything worthy of consideration. Generic digital remakes just don't cut-it. Thanks to those that travel, there are many leads presented under Pens Out and About to persue.

As for the future... I will begin scanning next week, when Josh returns to Pittsburgh. I will dedicate my days to preparing duplicates. When I have 150-200 scans compiled, they will be posted. In the past, the moment I post, the race is on. All it takes is four or five people to wipe-out the entire list. Everyone else is frustrated and annoyed! I am going to slow things down this time so everyone gets a chance at the duplicates. I am devising a plan. It will be announced before I post pens.

On the Homefront....
When last we spoke... Bill and I were painting the living room and preparing to lay a maple hardwood floor in our living room. It took Bill and I nearly two weeks to lay the floor, only because we worked in our spare time and stolen hours. We are both very pleased with the outcome. Bill is going to build a display cabinet to house his Oaxaca woodcarvings this winter. That will be the crowning touch.

The coffee themed tiles I made in clay class have yet to be installed on the basement stair risers. Josh and I decided to scrap the stair riser idea and plaster the tiles into a wall mosaic. Until they are in place I am trying to resist the temptation to return to class. We skipped fall session, so I have until January to get the mosaic project done. I won't let it get in the way of scanning.

So what the heck did you do all summer?! If you can't remember, how about... what's new with you? In the USA we are gearing up for a historic Presidential election. We are being inundated with ugly TV attack ads from both sides. I have learned to ignore the ads. I rely on www.VoteSmart.org for the truth. It's a great resource for sweeping away the bull and getting to the bottom line. They keep accurate voting records for each candidate. So now, America waits. November 3rd looms large in our future.

Josh is here for the week. We will return him to Pittsburgh on Sunday the 12th. Time of day will determine if we stay overnight or head for home the same day. I will begin scanning no later than the 14th. It will take 10-12 days of intense scanning to amass 150-200 duplicates. Remember, news is posted as-it-happens in Float Along. Check in once a week or so to stay up-to-date.

Please VOTE!

That's all for now, but check Float Along frequently for news!
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