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Issue #40 must be brief. There is little news to report and Bill and I are preparing for an art show this Saturday. We have a heavy show schedule this summer that continues into October. The new arrivals list will be the emphasis of this edition. I don't think you will feel slighted, there are several fresh floaties on the list.

As promised... the Van Gogh pen from Miranda Wittebol has arrived. The brush is afloat over Vincent's portrait. This one was designed to make an impression in your collection.
The Dutch Collectors pen project was supervised by Miranda. The pen is available from Miranda and also appears on my new list. I have a soft spot for any pen that includes Eskie, Eskesen's mascot.

The new Carlo & Bondelie Work Injury pen is one of many new entries by Nancy Nerenberg at Float Art. I had trouble deciding whether to put this one under the advertise or humor category.

A steam roller follows a worker into a building still under construction. When the steam roller emerges, the worker is stuck and flattened on the roller. If this happens to you, the Law Offices of Carlo & Blondelie hope to hear from you.

The Benchmark, Douglas Rye, Los Angeles Conservancy, Soil Moisture 2003, Tacoma Art Museum, Beatles Anthology, Roston - Weiss Bar Mitzvah, Edie & Carleton and Mel & Mark wedding pens are all new designs from Float Art. The Cassini-Huygens 'from Saturn-Titan' is included in that group, but it has appeared on my list before. As usual, these items are all in short supply.

Most of the designs that appeared in issue #39 are still available. After a long winter it felt good to post some super cool designs. Find all of the pens mentioned and more under New Arrivals.

Factory Update...
April 22nd I received a note from... Kim Rasmussen at the Eskesen factory. Some of their www modifications may effect you. “With regards to our web site we have indeed had some technical difficulties with our internet provider, among other resulting in the information request forms being sent into orbit in cyberspace. We have now changed to a new ISP. Things are up running again, however, we have decided to stop support for MAC and Netscape until further notice. We have changed some of the layout on the web site and more changes are to come in the future.” (Note: Even so, I use Netscape 4.7 and I am able to maneuver the Eskesen site without any difficulty. Give it a try.)

Elusive Pens...

This borders on cruelty... but I have to tell you about the Old School set of three conceal and reveal floaties. These pens are from Micale Maddox at Ideal Motion Promotion. The pens were created to advertise Old School, a recently released comedy starring Luke Wilson, Will Ferrell and Vince Vaughn. So where does the cruelty come in? Micale does not know where the pens were distributed. This breaks my heart... I can not get them for you. I wanted you to know what to look for.

Speaking of movies... How to Deal has had a status change. As of April 23rd, the movie has been completed. Rumor has it the new release date is mid-July. If the movie holds to the original plan, float pens play a continuing role in the plot line. Check for updates at http://us.imdb.com/Title?0319524.

Correction for Peeps coverage in Issue #39

I am sorry... I thought obtaining a Peeps pen or pens would be an easy task, but it wasn't as simple as originally reported. You must have Peep Points. Points are obtained by purchasing Peeps and cutting out the UPC codes. There are two ways to purchase the special edition pen. 30 Peeps Points plus a money order or check in the amount of $7.10 (yikes) OR 60 Peep Points plus check or money order for $4.10. The mailorder form is available on line, but requests must be sent via snailmail to include the UPC codes. Only one order per envelope is permitted. Offer is only good in the USA. I apologize for any inconvenience or frustration you may have encountered.

Whether you decide to jump through the hoops to get a pen or not, a visit to their website is free and a lot of fun. It includes a factory tour, recipes, contests, Peeps News and a Fan Club. Sign up today. http://www.marshmallowpeeps.com The kids will love it. As of June 6th it appears the pen is still available.

Follow-up... Many collectors participated in the Peeps promotion and have received their pens. Bravo to those that were able to buy their Peeps on sale after Easter. To obtain a pen required the purchase of many boxes of marshmallow bunnies and chicks. What did you do with all of that sticky stuff?

Beverly Broadstone attempted to incorporate her Peeps into a rainbox Rice Krispie Treat recipe. She decided they were simply too sweet to eat. Kim Dougherty kept the pen but distributed her bounty of boxes between her nieces and nephews. Dee Paparatto had a sweet solution for the too-many Peeps dilemma. Dee dipped her bunnies and chicks up to their necks in melted milk and white chocolate. The yellow, purple and pink Peeps looked elegant in their chocolate suits and her kids were crazy about them. I had a dream that Bill and I visited a fancy candy shoppe in NYC. They were serving chocolate dipped Peeps in baskets molded in dark chocolate. I demanded to know where they got the idea. They obviously stole it from Dee Paparatto! Despite the outrage, we ate two baskets full. Yum.

Collectors News...
First comes love, then comes marriage... then comes Sarah with a baby carriage! Remember the float pen that was custom made to commemorate Sarah and David's Wedding? Sarah is expecting and the couple is ecstatic. The babe is due late in August. It's going to be a long hot summer before we find out if it's to be a boy or girl. Best wishes to you both from your fellow collectors. Their wedding pen is available under Events on my penlist.

Just out of curiosity... a new collector will ask, “how much would it cost to buy one of each and every pen on your list?”. The question popped up yesterday. As of today, there are 553 pens listed for a combined retail value of $1894.25, plus shipping of course. As you know, prices at Float About are extremely competitive. I keep prices as low as I can so everyone gets a great deal. Even so, if someone should ever follow through and buy the entire list... I am sure a discount would be in order.

As for our trip to Oaxaca, Mexico ... it is a fabulous place to refresh and unwind... well, maybe for some. Bill, Stephen, Roswitha and I quickly adopted the brisk pace of the native population. City sidewalks were narrow and riddled with dips, bumps, metal protrusions and unexpected ramps. Dare to step off the walkway into the street and become fair prey to the taxis, buses and flurry of cute, but dangerous motor vehicles. Oaxaca was not the sleepy little village I had envisioned, but what is has to offer more than compensates for it's modern annoyances.

This is the poorest state in the entire country so we didn't expect to find float pens there... and we didn't. Just hours after we arrived, Jill, an Internet/eBay acquaintance met us for dinner. She had given us a great deal of advice regarding our trip and her guidance proved invaluable. It was nice to finally meet her face to face. Jill gave us a tour of the Zócalo, the plaza in the center of town. Locals and tourists pour into the Zócalo every evening to enjoy live music, dancing, dining and socializing. It is restricted to pedestrian traffic so it was a quiet retreat from the hustle and bustle of the streets.

Luck would have it there was an artisan fair at the Government Building. The area is well known for it's fine weavings, woodcarvings, green and black pottery. As craftspeople, all four of us were impressed with the range and quality of goods the regional artists had to offer. We returned the next evening to take a closer look.

I carried a bag of 26 float pens in my purse. While Bill was busy choosing carvings at the Tribus Mixes booth I distracted two little girls from a neighboring booth. I presented each of them with a float pen and demonstrated how the dolphin floats back and forth. In less than a minute two little ones had multiplied to at least a dozen and still growing! I pulled the bag full of pens out of my purse, BIG mistake. Tiny hands grabbed for the bag, but I held on tight. Each child received a pen. Some managed to get two and everyone wanted MORE. The kids knew four pens remained and they were determined to talk me out of all of them. Since this was our second day in Oaxaca and my last four pens, I was just as determined to hold on to them. For the next few days every time we came near the Zócalo we were mobbed by children pleading for pens. We felt like celebrities. I was ready to go incognito, but with the close of the art fair the children also disappeared. Next time I will be better stocked.

Between us we covered most of the major sites and markets. Monte Alban (pictured left) was simply outstanding. We found several restaurants that served local specialties and even pizza for Stephen. Much to our delight, no one in our troupe got sick. The antibiotics had to help.

The point of our trip was to find carvings for Bill, take in some local history, visit the sites and meet our favorite wood carver. We accomplished all of that and so much more. Bill and I are to determined to have a better command of the Spanish language before we go back. Since all four of us are already looking forward to a return visit, we best get busy! In the meantime, it is good to be home.

Next Issue...
The future is always uncertain, but I will do my best to publish issue #41 by August 20. This is when Float Along comes in so handy. If there is important news, I will post it there. In fact, most of the news in this issue was first reported in Float Along. The information was enhanced and updated to create issue #40. Now that issue 40 has posted, follow-ups and up-to-date news will be posted in Float Along. Check there frequently for news in between issues of Float About. Our summer travel includes two trips to the Chicago area. Maybe I can dig up some new pens. Happy Hunting to you too!

That's all for now, check Float Along frequently for the latest news!
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