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  • Memorial building + 'Lincoln Memorial'
    '16TH PRESIDENT, 1861-1865' 'WASHINGTON, D.C.' + Flag.... $4.00
    DC/Linc Mem
    Scroll... 'that all men are created equal.'
    afloat over Lincoln Memorial; Lincoln portrait.
    Classic; DIGITAL revision by Jeff

  • Statue of Lincoln + 'Lincoln Memorial'
    'Washington D.C.' over a brown panel.... $5.00
    Fancy, red horse-drawn carriage passes Lincoln Memorial.
    Classic; Photoramic; E MADE IN DENMARK

  • 'WASHINGTON D.C.' in a red,
    white and blue font, affixed in the center of a clear window..... $4.00
    Red, silver and blue glitter spills over 'WASHINGTON, D.C.' stationery lettering.
    Window slightly bowed; Classic; Photoramic; E MADE IN DENMARK

  • Flowers + 'The White House' in green script, over white.... $4.00
    Four Guards in uniform march past grounds of White House.
    Slight Color Fade; Classic; Photoramic; E MADE IN DENMARK

  • 'The White House' 'Washington, D.C.', flanked by Presidential seals.... $4.00
    Helicopter landing on the White House lawn.
    Classic; Digital Revision by Jeff

  • 'ALLIGATOR BEACH CLUB' 'Members only' 'FLORIDA'.... $5.00
    FL/Alligator Beach
    Cartoon gators play in sand and sunbath on the beach.
    Classic; Photoramic; E MADE IN DENMARK

  • 'ALLIGATOR BEACH' 'CLUB-FLORIDA' + gator w/'Members Only' sign.... $4.00
    FL/Alligator BC
    Alligator kicks a red/white beachball along beach.
    Another 'gator builds sandcastle.
    Classic; Digital; E-MADE IN-DENMARK'; 2008 Revision by Jeff

  • Clear window. No background. 'FLORIDA' on banner.... $5.00
    Dolphin in clear windowDolphin with 'FLORIDA' banner tied to tail rises/falls in a clear window
    Slightly Bowed; Classic; CLEAR; Photoramic; E MADE IN DENMARK

  • 'FLORIDA' flanked by leaping dolphins.... $5.00
    Dolphins leap among many others
    Classic; 1 Photoramic + 2 Digitals available; E MADE IN DENMARK

  • 'FLORIDA' printed in pink over beach scene.... $3.50
    FL/FlamingoPink flamingo rises, crane at base, flamingo in flight.
    Classic; 2006 Digital Revision

  • 'ATLANTA' and silhouette of city in black, over blue..... $6.50
    A white jumbo jet afloat past metroplitan Atlanta.
    Classic; Photoramic; E MADE IN DENMARK

  • Three dancing peaches + 'ATLANTA' in orange,
    'GEORGIA' in black. Design date 1991..... $5.00
    Two peaches, in a red convertible cruising metropolitan Atlanta.
    Another peach waves from the foreground.
    Classic; Photoramic; E MADE IN DENMARK

  • 'ALOHA HAWAII' in red, outline in white, over blue.... $6.50
    School of white/black tropical fishes in underwater scene.
    Classic; Photoramic; E MADE IN DENMARK
    1 Available

  • 'ALOHA HAWAII' in white font over a red panel..... $6.50
    A whale afloat over a Hawaiian harbor.
    Slightly Bowed; Classic; Photoramic; E MADE IN DENMARK
    1 Available

  • 'aloha' 'Hawaii' 'Hang (hand) Loose', over dk blue.... $5.00
    HI/Hang Loose/Hand
    A hand floats back and forth. Three hula dancers dance on the beach in backdrop.
    Classic; Photoramic; E MADE IN DENMARK

  • Scenery panel + 'HONOLULU + SUN = FUN'
    in faint yellow font, over pale metallic blue panel..... $6.00
    HI/Honolulu Sun
    Happy sun afloat over sandy beach. Palm trees in foreground.
    Window Slightly Bowed; Classic; Photoramic; MADE IN DENMARK; 2 Available

  • Hut w/Palms + 'Aloha from' in orange + 'HAWAII' in
    colorful font, over white + more palms..... $6.00
    Five women maneuver outrigger to/from land.
    Classic; Photoramic; E MADE IN DENMARK
    3 Available

  • Pic of palm tree and outrigger + 'HAWAII'.... $5.00
    5 in outrigger canoe arrive/depart Hawaiian shores;
    Another outrigger and people on shore.
    Classic; Photoramic; E MADE IN DENMARK
    3 Available

  • 'HAWAII' in rainbow font, over dark blue panel..... $8.00
    A solo male windsurfer floats past resort hotels on coastline. Waves in foreground.
    Classic; Photoramic; E MADE IN DENMARK; Acquired Jan 2000
    2 Available

    IL/Buckingham Fnt
    Fancy horse-drawn carriage passes fountain & cityscape.
    Classic; Photoramic; E MADE IN DENMARK; Also available in digital

  • 'Buckingham Fountain' 'CHICAGO,' 'ILLINOIS' over fountain backdrop.... $3.50
    IL/Buckingham Fnt
    Horsedrawn carriage travels between
    Buckingham Fountain, in foreground and backdrop.
    Classic; Digital Revision; 'E' 'MADE IN' 'DENMARK'

  • Picture or rooftop + 'JOHN HANCOCK CENTER' in red
    'HEIGHT 1456 ft. - CHICAGO, ILLINOIS' + pic of Buckingham Fountain.... $6.00
    John HancockLittle red helicopter rises/falls over John Hancock Building.
    Clouds and Cathedral in front.
    Classic or T&C w/Black Wire Clip (specify choice);
    Photoramic; E MADE IN DENMARK

  • 'Chicago... My Kind of Town!' in silver, over music panel..... $5.00
    IL/My Kind of Town/Ferry
    White ferry tours harbor at sunset; cityscape.
    Classic; Photoramic; E MADE IN DENMARK

  • Carousel + 'NAVY PIER' 'CHICAGO, ILLINOIS'.... $6.00
    IL/Navy Pier
    Children ride two carousel horses at Navy Pier amusement park.
    Classic; Photoramic; E MADE IN DENMARK

  • 'CHICAGO' over scenery panel.... $3.50
    Sailboats afloat on Lake Michigan; Chicago cityscape in backdrop.
    Classic; DIGITAL'; 'E' 'MADE IN' 'DENMARK'

  • Lamppost + Cityscape + 'CHICAGO', over starlit sky.... $3.75
    'CHICAGO' floats over cameo of cityscape; Navy Pier in foreground
    Classic; Photoramic; E MADE IN DENMARK

  • 'INDIANAPOLIS' in shaded font, 'INDIANA'
    in white, over checkerboard backdrop flanked by flames.... $4.00
    A red sports car zooms around track. Blue car and flagger in foreground.
    Distant spectactors
    Classic; Digital; E-MADE IN-DENMARK; 2008 Revision by Jeff

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