Eskesen Pens for Sale - Brief Introduction * Updated Tues/Dec 4, 2018
Prices range from $3.00-$8.00 per pen with few exceptions.
Eskesen of Denmark, manufactured all of the pens on this list, except two pens from China, which are clearly marked.
Each design is designated Photoramic® or Digital within the description. Flaws or unusual markings are also noted.
List of Pens for Sale - Arranged by Category
Click underlined and highlighted text to explore each category.

Duplicates Remaining from Issue #79

Main List Begins Here...
Advertise... USA & Foreign companies represented
Animals... the birds & bees, beasts domestic and wild
Art/Dance/Music, Cartoons/Disney & Celebrity... Betty Boop, Disney, Felix and more
Events & Humor... Historic, Seasonal and Weddings followed by pens that will tickle your funny bone.

Politics, Religion & Sports... Make for strange and athletic bedfellows
Transportation... Autos, Planes, Ships and Trains
Foreign Locations... Britain, Canada, Denmark, Netherlands, all around the globe

USA Location Pens...
Americana-Arkansas-California... and points of interest in between!
Colorado-Iowa... snow & sunshine
Kansas-New Mexico... includes New Orleans, Boston and more
New York-South Dakota... including NYC
Tennessee-Wyoming... just for fun!

Related Products... pen displays. Refills no longer available.

... End of Main List

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