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Happy Holidays to you! Without a doubt, we enjoyed the best Thanksgiving ever. Dinner with the Bright family was fantastic. Josh was home for Thanksgiving weekend for the first time in a very long time. I hope your holiday was just as festive? Are you ready for the next one? Now that we have crossed into December, I feel a sense of panic. You too?

Issue #33 of Float About was due to release December 28th, but I have a few issues to address before the holiday frenzy is in full force. Also, there isn't any point in posting FA during the holiday season. Collectors are far too distracted to enjoy a newsletter of any kind. Besides, it is the season to enjoy the company of family and friends. Issue #33 will post in the New Year. In the meantime, I do have some incredible new pen designs to share with you. They are just too cool to hold until 2002. They are all in stock and ready to ship.

The USA/Peace pens have arrived... in time for the holidays. There are four new designs with USA or peace themes. The inner workings of the pen are almost visible through the new translucent barrels. Barrel colors are red or blue... of course. The two designs (above) are in the classic style. Priced at just $3.25 each. An American Eagle floats in the pen on the left. The American flag floats over many of our treasured national monuments in the second pen. This design has been used before, but it has a brand new caption panel. This is the first time I have offered classic pens in the translucent colors.

The next two pens (below) are available in the twist n click style with slanted tops. They also have the new translucent barrels. Priced at $3.50 each. In the pen left, the dove floats. The pen on the right features people in motion.

Yes, you are right... they would make nice stocking stuffers. I have an offer that will make them even more attractive. Purchase the USA/Peace Set of four pens for $10, just $2.50 each! Friends, neighbors, mail carriers, waitresses, co-workers... can you think of anyone that doesn't need a pen?

The Float Pen Collectors United Red Cross Project...

is a MAJOR success... As you know, we have more than doubled our original goal of $1,000. Several collectors have expressed concern about giving the money to the American Red Cross. Despite controversy regarding the organization I remain confident that we made the right choice.

The American Institute of Philanthropy is a non-profit organization that rates charitable organizations on results and performance. I consulted their website and others. To date the American Red Cross remains on the AIP's 'A' list. When in doubt about a charity, this is an excellent resource... www.charitywatch.org

I knew if I waited just one more week to make our donation, we would hit $2,500... and we did. Our final figure is $2,556.84. When the electronic deposit from PayPal reaches my bank, I will visit our local chapter of the American Red Cross and ask how to proceed. I want to assure our funds are designated for the victims of Sept 11th and related relief efforts.

If you made a donation, but your name is missing from the Donors List, contact me immediately. I made the list, checked it twice, but no matter if you are naughty or nice... I may have overlooked an entry. The list is posted on my site and a hard copy will accompany our check. Thank you all for your generous contributions. We made a difference.

Eskesen applauds Lupita Vargas... for donating the WTC pens to our charitable cause. They too wanted to make a contribution. Eskesen has presented me with many History of America sets to be sold with most of the proceeds going to charity.

The set includes six pens in a cellophane box. Sorry, no singles. The complete History of America set sells for $10 with $8 of each sale going to charity. Brian, at Eskesen, suggested the Salvation Army. They have an impeccable reputation for helping the needy and are currently working at Ground Zero. The 'SA' also appears on the AIP's 'A list' of charities. Purchase as many sets as you like. No limits. Thank you Eskesen... we can make this work!

Media Sightings ...

Thurs/Nov 22, 2001... Beverly Broadstone reported via email: 'Last night on the Bernie Mac Show, which airs on FOX, there was a stripper pen sighting. The show, which is relatively new, is about a man who agrees to take care of his sister's three kids. One of the kids, a 9 or 10 year old boy, borrowed a stripper pen from his friend. The Uncle confiscated the pen, but also took pleasure in its' magic. In the end, the little boy suggested to his Uncle that it might be time for him to return the pen to his young friend.'

Apparently Cameron Manheim, of The Practice, introduced her custom made float pen on an episode of Access Hollywood. I didn't catch that one either. I was one of many collectors that finally saw Sandra Watkin's appearance on the Food Channel's 'Ultimate Kitchens' program. I just love her diner style kitschy-nette. Her float pen and other collections are incorporated into the interior design. Very cool. You see, it takes a lot of eyes and ears to keep up with so many float pen sightings. I await your reports.

Pens past, present and future...

Many of the October 28th ... New Arrival pens are still available. Find the absolute latest entries at the top of the New Arrivals page. New designs include an Ericsson pen from Float Art, several entries from popular float pen artist Jack Keely of Floaty. Java Joe, Fancy Felines, and Camping trip are my top three favorites in the Keely group. However... they are ALL collection worthy. Four of his pens also feature sports themes. Artist, Sue Wright's 'mmm good' pen is a hoot too. The most unique addition would have to be the Sacred Soil pen. It does not include a moving photoramic image, but rather real dirt. Blessed soil from the Amet Ayalon Valley in Israel is secured inside the pen.

The Texas Longhorn pen is a revision of an older design. It truly has a brand new look. The Vintage Truck design is fabulous. The rich colors and depth of design lend a warm and realistic feel. There is something for every gift exchange and stocking! If you are unsure... I can whip up a gift certificate. OH! For those that missed the Royal Wedding pens, Miranda sent another handful of them to me ($4 each).

At present, I am gathering... pens for issue #33. With a lot of luck the next Float About will post between the middle to end of January. There are some fabulous designs in-the-works and I will do my best to reel them in. For now I am determined to make the best of the holidays. Josh is coming home for a week. We are looking forward to making glass beads together. I hope you find some fun in your hectic schedule too. See you next year.... Diana

I wish you all a Happy Holiday season and a smooth 2002 transition

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