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  • Family + 'CAVES & CAVERNS' 'NATURAL WONDERS'.... $6.00
    Family walks through a cavern. The staircase is in the foreground window.
    Classic; Photoramic; E MADE IN DENMARK

  • Pic of blanket toss + 'ALASKA'
    'AMERICAS LAST FRONTIER' in red, over white + pic of icy mountain.... $6.50
    Eskimo in canoe raises spear to hit polar bear stranded on ice floe
    Sepia Toned, but strong imagery; Classic; Photoramic; Acquired May 1997; 1 Available

  • No caption panel. Clear Window. 'Arizona'.... $4.00
    Silver, blue and green glitter spill over 'ARIZONA' in lavendar, flanked by cactus.
    Classic or Twist n Click w/Black Wire Clip (specify first choice);
    Glitter; Photoramic; E MADE IN DENMARK

  • Roadrunner + 'Runnin in the Sun' 'ARIZONA' + Sun.... $4.00
    Roadrunner zooms through desert; coyote waits behind cactus
    Classic; Photoramic; E MADE IN DENMARK

  • 'CALIFORNIA' super-imposed over sunset beach scene.... $3.75
    Male surfer surfing on shoreline; sunbather in foreground.
    Classic; Digital Revision by Jeff

  • 'California Cruisin' in black font w/blue trim, over yellow panel..... $5.00
    CA/Calif Cruisin
    A pink convertible afloat on sandy beach. Motorcycle and sunbathers in backdrop.
    Classic; Photoramic; E MADE IN DENMARK

  • 'HOLLYWOOD-CALIFORNIA' in silver, over scenery panel..... $7.00
    Driver waves from white Ferrari. 'HOLLYWOOD' in white on hills. Trees in foreground.
    Classic; Photoramic; E MADE IN DENMARK; 1 Available

  • Beverly Hills Sign + 'Beverly Hills' in white plus 'VIA RODEO' street sign..... $4.00
    CA/LA/Bev Hills
    A white limo floats back/forth on Rodeo Dr.
    Sign in foreground left. Six pedestrians.
    Classic; Photoramic; E MADE IN DENMARK

  • Palm tree + 'Beverly Hills' + 'RODEO DR' street sign.... $4.00
    CA/LA/Beverly Hills/Rolls
    Rolls Royce cruises posh Beverly Hills Rodeo Drive.
    Woman walks dog in background.
    Classic; Photoramic; E MADE IN DENMARK

  • 'LOS ANGELES' 'CALIFORNIA' super-imposed over palm tree-lined road.... $4.00
    CA/LA/Sports Car
    Red sports car cruises LA.
    Metro cityscape w/blue skies in backdrop; palms in front.
    Classic; Digital; E-MADE IN-DENMARK

  • 'Southern California' in yellow imprinted over beach scene.... $4.50
    Male surfer, beach scene w/umbrellas, life guard tower.
    Old photoramic; New version dropped the word 'Southern'

  • 'SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA' in golden and red font, over a black panel..... $5.50
    CA/LA/VW Bug
    Family in car afloat over Magic Mountain, Disneyland,
    Universal Studios; LAX + Hollywood.
    Classic; Photoramic; E MADE IN DENMARK

  • 'SAN DIEGO' in an airbrushed scenery panel with dolphins.... $5.00
    Three dolphins leaping across open waters;
    Many dolphins in foreground and background.
    Classic; Photoramic; E MADE IN DENMARK

  • 'SAN DIEGO' in script over water scene with sailboats.... $4.00
    Two sailboats w/colorful sails on choppy waters.
    Classic; E MADE IN DENMARK; New Version (NO SUNBATHERS in foreground)

  • 'SAN DIEGO' over scenery panel with 5 sailboats.... $5.50
    Two colorful sailboats cruise the CA coast. Sunbathers in foreground.
    Twist n Click; Photoramic; E MADE IN DENMARK;
    Version WITH sunbathers

    CA/SF/Alcatraz/Swim Team/Shark
    Two prisoners thrashing in water attempting to escape a huge shark.
    Some crinkle on right side of window; Classic; Photoramic;
    E MADE IN DENMARK; 1 Available

  • 'OAKLAND' 'CALIFORNIA' imprinted over Oakland's cityscape..... $4.00
    Man paddles gondola on Lake Merritt. Oakland cityscape backdrop.
    Classic; Digital; 'MADE IN' 'DENMARK'

  • 'San Francisco' in silver souvenir font over blue..... $7.00
    CA/SF/Lone Sailboat
    Lone white sailboat floats among many more.
    Classic; Photoramic; E MADE IN DENMARK; 1 Available

    OF SILICON VALLEY' imprinted over a distant view of the valley.... $3.75
    CA/San Jose/Chip
    Computer chip afloats over metro San Jose.
    'S0101001' 'J01001010' in foreground.
    Classic; Digital; 'E' 'MADE IN' 'DENMARK'

  • Windmill + 'SOLVANG'
    'DANISH CAPITAL OF AMERICA' 'MADE IN DENMARK', over a white panel.... $6.00
    A group of dancers performing at Solvang. More dancers in the foreground.
    Sepia Toned, but strong imagery; Vintage Classic; Photoramic; DENMARK

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